"You are who you work to be..." -Ross Cook
'Whatever is not conscious will be experienced as fate' 
- Carl Jung

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What is Balancing?

Balancing is really a combination of three things.  First, it is a Jungian philosophy using personal examination as a way to bring peaceful, calm into your life.  Secondly, it is a methodology.  Using a variety of easily learned techniques, insights and practices, anyone can become proficient using the tools necessary to manage their own state.  Thirdly, it is a self mastered system for learning to take heretofore bound up negative energy and  invest it in choices that support of positive change.   Together these three pieces combine to make significant changes in your life.

"Only you can truly change your world.  There are no tricks or gimmicks with it, only the possibility of pure, positive change.  If you want it, balancing gives you the power to acheive it." 

- Andy Benoit

Why is it Different?

Balancing may initially be compared to guided deep meditation but varies distinctly in the breadth of connection. Meditation and counseling target change on a conscious level. Using balancing tools you will engage your subconscious brain to enact profound, real change and refocus your energies on intentional healthy habits and patterns. Balancing provides the tool to address personal, relationship, health, and financial stresses and release this energy into new vital life habits.

"It seems unreal to me the changes I have seen in my son.  As I stated before, we have had him in counseling for over 10 years and spent thousands of dollars trying to help him deal with his anger.  He's finally able to control his emotions.  If he feels he needs to work on something, he will ask me if he can go balance!!  I can't thank you enough for your help and encouragement." 


How Does it Work?

Walking around day to day we consciously engage one side of our brain at a time (i.e. left brain/right brain). But our subconscious behavior and thoughts come from simultaneous activity in both sides of our brain (that’s what makes it subconscious and thus, often difficult to understand, explain or change). When you go into a Balance, you use specific breathing techniques and unique (but simple) body postures that simultaneously engage both sides of your brain. Unlike traditional methods of counseling, once the client is equipped with some basic tools, he/she is able to personally influence well being.   Unlike traditional counseling, the focus moves quickly to solutions rather than the unfolding of a long history of the problems that plague a person or organization.   With facilitated help stresses are identified quickly and simply.  Clients are then coached through simple disciplines that focus on releasing the anxiety and placing them in their proper perspective.   Unlike traditional methods, the client does not have to reveal and rehash or relive experiences to find relief .  Instead, a person or organization can begin immediately to reshape their underlying beliefs to support success. Using tools learned, you’re able to examine a stressful mental limit, gather the energy caught up with that stress, address its causes and influences and resolve the conflict. The product of a balance is real change as you direct this released energy to face stresses head-on, gather the energy from those stresses and use that energy to enact the positive change that you desire. In short, you retrain your brain and patterns to achieve goals central to your health and wellness– just like you retrain your muscles with physical exercise.

"Thank you, Ross, for showing me a side of me that I never knew existed. A side that with the proper training will bring BALANCE, CALM and PEACEFULNESS to the life I have chosen."  -Jacquie Love